Hi! Thank you very much for considering commissioning me! I’m flattered. Here, you can find information on how to get a drawing out of me, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask me on Discord.


sketch £10 (+£5 coloured)
render ~£25
pixel ~£20

These categories are very broad. They could be a portrait, landscape, sprite, etc. Please note that pricing can vary!

Wills and Won’ts

I will draw…

  • Humans, humanoids
  • Animals, anthro

I won’t draw…

  • NSFW
  • Fetish art
  • Gore

If you’re unsure on whether I’ll draw something, feel free to ask!

Terms of Service

I, mulfok, the artist…

  • reserve the right to cancel and refund the order at any time for any reason
  • reserve the right to post the commissioned artwork online, in my portfolio as well as in publications
  • retain all copyrights over the commissioned artwork
  • will not claim the intellectual property of the commissioned artwork
  • will not profit further from the commissioned artwork unless you (the customer) break any terms

You, the customer…

  • retain the rights to the intellectual property
  • may upload the commissioned artwork on any website and social channels
  • may not make profits from the produced work (reselling, redistributing, prints, etc.)
    • exceptions may be made, e.g. the produced work is spritework for use in a game, etc.
  • may not alter the commissioned artwork without my permission

Order Up!

If you’re ready to go, send me a message on Discord (mulfok#0001). Please include reference images of your character(s)! Anything specific you want me to inspire from too? Please share!

For UK customers, you can pay through standard bank transfer. Alternatively (and for non-UK customers) PayPal is available. In terms of when to pay, you can pay either 100% upfront, or 50% before, 50% after. Please don’t send anything until I give the go ahead.